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National Reporter | Yahoo Entertainment, Yahoo Life

 Former editor in chief of Out and The Advocate magazines.

Former managing editor at Plus and Chill magazines,, and more. 



News, Politics, Pop Culture, and Activism.

With a decade of experience as a journalist and editor in both digital and print media, I continue to lead award-winning editorial teams that sit at the intersections of entertainment, activism, culture, and fashion. I practice audience-first journalism and have developed a uniquely powerful voice through my honest and ethical reporting. As a result, I am a thought leader in media landscapes focused on LGBTQ+ advocacy and activism. In every aspect of my role as an editor and journalist, I always strive to produce work that has a positive impact on marginalized communities.

My reporting ignites dialogue about issues impacting the LGBTQ+ community and places pressure at the local and federal level to implement social change. Under my leadership, my editorial teams have received two 2018 Folio Awards for Best Editorial Team (Retrograde Communications) and for Best Magazine Launch (Chill magazine) and a 2020 GLAAD Media Award for Best Magazine Overall Coverage. I’ve also won independent awards, including a 2018 NLGJA Award for Excellence in News Writing. Last year, I was named a 2019 Folio Rising Star Honoree.

I develop digital publications from infancy and turn them into some of the most highly read gay publications with multi-million person followings on social media. I have a proven track record in growing audiences, readership, and in expanding audience demographics across multiple platforms and niches. In 2017, I co-curated the team and managed the overall content for Chill, an award-winning magazine focused on uplifting the voices of gay and bisexual men of color.

I have successfully steered multiple publications through changes in ownership, cultural shifts, and an ever-evolving digital media landscape. During these changes and transformations, I ensured my teams worked in a high-performance culture that fostered a diversity of views and voices. I am passionate about creating an inclusive and diverse workplace that mirrors my own advocacy and activism.

My coverage reflects the strength of the human spirit, combats stigma of all kinds, and underscores our commonalities at a time when the media is often criticized and blamed for polarizing society. I dig deep to find those connections and commonalities, and I encourage my writers to dig deep when researching and writing stories.

I am passionate about and have extensive knowledge of world events, human rights, the #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements, trans rights, pop culture, and more. Because of this, I bring a grounded, well-rounded vision to my work and to my management style.